Tweet How You Wish To Be Tweeted

We’ll call it the Golden Rule of the Digital Age: tweet others how you wish to be tweeted. Like the real Golden Rule, I don’t always practice it, but it’s a pretty good way to avoid becoming a troll. Recently, I tweeted about my growing discomfort with (proclaiming) Christians who support Trump and his policies. Here’s […]

Does God Want You To Be Rich?

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God (Mark 10:25). I learned this verse when I was in elementary school. I was from a lower income family, so I wasn’t worried about what it meant for me. But I remember the teacher said this […]

Trump: The Personification of Scientology?

Many consider the Church of Scientology to be one of the world’s most fascinating and bizarre religious traditions. The church’s Hollywood presence and secretive practices make it intriguing. In addition to its peculiar practices and high-profile members, Scientology’s litigiousness and aggression against former members raises eyebrows. Typically, churches don’t make a habit out of suing people who […]