Welcome to the Garden

You might be sensing a theme that I am a fan of produce and gardening. My husband is actually the one with the green thumb around here, but I am an aspirational gardener. This May, our friends sent my son a little gardening kit (which you can get here: http://amzn.to/2b6aibw). It’s an egg carton with packets of seeds that you plant in the egg carton sections. Once the seedlings are big enough you can transfer them to pots or the ground. We had amazing luck! So far, we’ve reaped several carrots (which were delish!), a cucumber, squash, green beans, and radishes. What a great way to teach kids about their food and get them to eat their veggies. We love it! Welcome to the Garden3

If you’re trying to teach your kids about gardening, you can also get these ADORABLE Kinco work gloves for little hands. Not only are they freaking precious, but they are super durable and protect little fingers from prickly things and whatever else might be lurking in the soil. They are the real deal, and will make your kid feel like (s)he is a part of the gardening process. (Make those lazy bastards work a little. When I was their age…)

Welcome to the Garden0

Since we’re in California, we don’t have a ton of gardening to do outside of our little vegetable pots, but when I lived in Pittsburgh I felt like I spent half the summer fighting a war against weeds, so I became a believer in garden kneeling pads (and it sure beats becoming that weird neighbor who is always bent over with her big booty in the air). Grab these cute options and save your knees and your back: http://amzn.to/2bIKQ0z

Welcome to the Garden2

Let’s be honest, though, the best thing about having any outdoor space, whether there’s veggies or not, is making it look inviting and relaxing. I just bought these LED Fairy Dusty Balls, and the look stunning. Gotta class up the joint, ya dig (get it? Dig?)? You can get them here.

LED Fairy Lights Globe Susie Meister

Give me any of your gardening tips, ideas, or tools in the comments!


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