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My Fair Lady: The OC Fair

Most days I’m toiling away in my office with my Brain Candy Podcast co-host, Sarah Rice, creating, editing, and promoting our show. Ok, it’s not exactly back-breaking labor, but we do work hard, and every once in a while we like to get out of the office and have a laugh. So recently we trekked down to Orange County, and headed to the OC Fair.


You might be thinking, “You’ve seen one fair, you’ve seen ’em all,” and boy, would you be wrong. This place is a mecca of all-things fried, a treasure trove of tchotchkes, and an all-around good time. What it is not, is a bargain. It costs a pretty penny to get in, and that doesn’t include any rides or fatty foods. I know. But, it was well worth the cost. I ate a funnel cake that was so good I almost had to smoke a cigarette afterwards (and I don’t even smoke!).

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The best part, though, was just being together with Sarah and our families and knowing that everyone was having fun. Jerry Seinfeld has a bit where he says there’s no such thing as “fun for the whole family,” but in this case he was wrong. My four-year-old had just as much fun as our child-free friends, and that’s gotta be some kind of miracle.

Susie Meister and Sarah Rice at the Orange County Fair

One thing about going out with Sarah, though, is that all her fans want to take pictures with her. So, I’m stuck being the smartphone paparazzi. It’s nice to see Sarah getting lots of love from people though (in case you’re not an MTV junkie, she just got screwed out of $137,500 by Johnny Bananas). She deserves lots of attention and praise, so I’ll happily shoot some framers for her adoring fans.

Big Slide, Orange county fair

Anyway, if you find yourself in a work rut, having a case of writer’s block, or just feeling stir crazy, go outside, and enjoy yourself for a minute. Places like the OC Fair are a great reminder that life shouldn’t be taken so dang seriously. Get out, and have a slide race with your bestie at a local fair. And don’t forget to ask for extra powdered sugar on your funnel cake (diet starts Monday…).


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