4 Tips for Deals on the Internet

Anyone who knows me or listens to my podcast knows I love a good deal. I’m a couponer, I’m a bargain hunter, and I love finding ways to save money. I know coupon clipping and matching of deals can be overwhelming, so I will save the ins and outs of grocery couponing for another post, but there are still tons of ways to save outside of the grocery store.  For today, I’ve compiled a little list of some basic things that you can do to save a couple of pennies on your purchases.

EbatesEbatesEbates is my favorite way to save on online purchases because it’s easy and really works. It has saved me $817 to date. Hello! Ebates is simply a site where you can choose what store you want to shop in, do your shopping, and then get cash back. It’s so simple. They have hundreds of stores to choose from (pretty much every where you’d ever buy anything). Just shop as you normally would and then get a check or Paypal deposit each month. Use this linked image to sign up for this awesome service:


RetailMeNot – Retail Me Not is a great way to find promo and coupon codes. They rely on users to provide codes, so they have a lot more listed than you’ll find published by the companies. When you go here before you go to Ebates you arm yourself with a double savings action.

Hopper Hopper is an app that I use on my phone to save money on flights. The great thing about it is its ability to tell you whether you should book your flight now or if you should wait. Their algorithm is able to predict pricing on flights, so you can make the best possible choice on when to book your trip.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime – If you’re not using Amazon Prime, stop what you’re doing right now (so, stop reading this blog, I guess) and use this linked image to sign up:

You might be thinking, how would spending money help me save money, but here’s the scoop: I have all my household essentials (e.g. toilet paper, paper towels) set up through Amazon subscription. Whenever I see a really good deal (usually found on hip2save.com), I set up a “subscribe and save” for 15% off PLUS since I have more than 5 subscriptions I get an additional 5% on everything. So that’s 20% off the already bargain pricing. They come automatically (and I can cancel or skip any of them whenever I want). So the Prime annual fee more than pays for itself. Click the linked Prime image to try it for free:


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