Taking the Mini to the Max

If your childhood looked anything like mine, Kelly Kapowski was your style icon and Zach Morris, well, sigh, we’re only human. I don’t usually take my adult fashion cues from 80’s tween idols, but after I put this ensemble together I felt like doing a cheer for Bayside.

This outfit is the perfect example of looking cute and ready for summer days, without being too pricey. I love buying my basic white t-shirts, tanks, and button-ups from Target. They hold up well, they look adorable, but you don’t have to fret when your four-year-old puts his sticky strawberry jam hands on you or when they inevitably start to get dingy from normal wear.

So, the tank top pictured here is Merona (Target) and also happens to be the top I wore in the promo shots for The Brain Candy Podcast. The skirt, which is insanely comfortable and forgiving (hey, if you have a big lunch you don’t want to be squished all afternoon), and the shoes are the perfect summer flat from J. Crew. The handbag is also from J. Crew, and I’m obsessed with this Italian leather lusciousness (that’s a word, right?). It has become my go-to work bag/carry-on for when I have papers, books, my laptop, and it ALL fits in there easily.

I now know exactly what I would wear if I were headed to the Max for my study date with Slater. In the evening I added a denim jacket to this ensemble and true Saved By the Bell Magic was achieved. I am wearing this mini to the max and to the Max (see what I did there?).

Shop the look: Merona white tank top // Earl Jean navy polka-dot mini skirt // J. Crew Large Biennial Bag // J. Crew flats


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