That Summer Dress

Shop the look: Diane von Furstenberg dress // Jimmy Choo Abel pumps // Mulberry handbag // Target belt // Chanel sunglasses

I used to have a ban on wearing dresses. I was a pants girl. I was pulling an Ellen Degeneres before it was cool. Whether I was going to a wedding, cocktail party, or a date, I would opt for dress pants with heels. I wasn’t making some grand feminist statement as much as I felt more comfortable in a pant than a dress. At that time I was living in Pittsburgh, and I suspect the cold weather 9 months of the year contributed to my dress boycott.

Alas, in my old age I have lifted the ban and am never going to look back. I am dress happy! I love the way they can be casual or formal with a simple change in footwear and accessories. Plus, they allow me to avoid the yoga pant vortex that can plague mom life.

The dress here is a gorgeous (in my humble opinion), silk, vintage Diane von Furstenberg shift dress. It is designed as a “trapeze” style, but I paired it with a belt to create a waist. I wore it with Jimmy Choo Abel pumps, but you could easily wear some gold or nude ballet flats to make this a more everyday look.

Summer-Living-White-Dress- (2)

In fact, versatility is the number one thing I look for in a summer (or any season!) dress. If you invest in a piece of clothing, why not make sure it can be used for a number of events, and since social media matters, find a piece that can be transformed so that it looks like a new item every time you wear it (heaven forbid people think we wear the same dress over and over–who are we, Kate Middleton??).

So in celebration of all things summer, I encourage you to take off the yoga pants (let’s face it, you didn’t even do yoga today) and give a summer dress a whirl. And a twirl. It’s summertime and the living’s easy.


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  1. This is so true. Why wear something else when you can pick up a dress and be done. No throwing clothes around the room trying to match up a full outfit. Plus, most dresses are very very comfortable and for some reason people tend to think you put a lot more work into your outfit.

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