Green Bell Pepper

Welcome to the Garden

You might be sensing a theme that I am a fan of produce and gardening. My husband is actually the one with the green thumb around here, but I am an aspirational gardener. This May, our friends sent my son a little gardening kit (which you can get here: It’s an egg carton with packets […]

Book review, Beach, All At Sea,

Book Review: All At Sea

I love books, but I really love memoirs. There’s something about knowing that the story you’re reading actually happened that makes it more riveting. All at Sea by Decca Aitkenhead is no exception. Aitkenhead’s story begins with her family of four on vacation when her son runs into the ocean and begins to drown. Her […]

OC fair, Fair ride, Big Wheel

My Fair Lady: The OC Fair

Most days I’m toiling away in my office with my Brain Candy Podcast co-host, Sarah Rice, creating, editing, and promoting our show. Ok, it’s not exactly back-breaking labor, but we do work hard, and every once in a while we like to get out of the office and have a laugh. So recently we trekked down to […]


Steel City Renaissance

About a year and a half ago, my family and I moved from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles. I had just finished my doctorate, so since my husband works in television and I was newly free to roam, we decided it just made good sense to head west. We had watched while we lived in Pittsburgh […]


Farmer’s Market or Bust

From the time I was 14 until I was 18, I worked at a produce market in Pittsburgh. I swear to you that to this day that was the best job I ever had. This was back before the farm-to-table and hipster movements happened, so most “normal” people didn’t make a stop at a produce market. […]


Wheelin’ and Dealin’

Anyone who knows me or listens to my podcast knows I love a good deal. I’m a couponer, I’m a bargain hunter, and I love finding ways to save money. I know coupon clipping and matching of deals can be overwhelming, so I will save the ins and outs of grocery couponing for another post, […]


Top 10 Kitchen Essentials

I’ve lived in big homes and teeny tiny apartments, and even though we all covet a big, beautiful kitchen, we really don’t need one. The super small kitchen I had while I was in grad school taught me a lot about how much crap people have in their kitchens that they really don’t need. Let […]


Toddler Art Desk

I have what doctor’s call a very “active” child. He is often difficult to wrangle and goes a million miles a second. Rather than attempting to change that about him (although I am often tempted), I try my darnedest to channel that momentum into something productive. Enter his Step 2 Art Desk. I bought this […]


Taking the Mini to the Max

If your childhood looked anything like mine, Kelly Kapowski was your style icon and Zach Morris, well, sigh, we’re only human. I don’t usually take my adult fashion cues from 80’s tween idols, but after I put this ensemble together I felt like doing a cheer for Bayside. This outfit is the perfect example of […]

Summer-Living-White-Dress-2 (1)

That Summer Dress

Shop the look: Diane von Furstenberg dress // Jimmy Choo Abel pumps // Mulberry handbag // Target belt // Chanel sunglasses I used to have a ban on wearing dresses. I was a pants girl. I was pulling an Ellen Degeneres before it was cool. Whether I was going to a wedding, cocktail party, or […]