Steel City Renaissance

About a year and a half ago, my family and I moved from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles. I had just finished my doctorate, so since my husband works in television and I was newly free to roam, we decided it just made good sense to head west. We had watched while we lived in Pittsburgh […]


Farmer’s Market or Bust

From the ages of 14-18, I worked at a produce market in Pittsburgh. I swear to you that to this day that was the best job I ever had. This was back before the farm-to-table and hipster movements happened, so most “normal” people didn’t make a stop at a produce market. What that meant is […]


Wheelin’ and Dealin’

Anyone who knows me or listens to my podcast knows I love a good deal. I’m a couponer, I’m a bargain hunter, and I love finding ways to save money. I know coupon clipping and matching of deals can be overwhelming, so I will save the ins and outs of grocery couponing for another post, […]


Top 10 Kitchen Essentials

I’ve lived in big homes and teeny tiny apartments, and even though we all covet a big, beautiful kitchen, we really don’t need one. The super small kitchen I had while I was in grad school taught me a lot about how much crap people have in their kitchens that they really don’t need. Let […]


Toddler Art Desk

I have what doctor’s call a very “active” child. He is often difficult to wrangle and goes a million miles a second. Rather than attempting to change that about him (although I am often tempted), I try my darnedest to channel that momentum into something productive. Enter his Step 2 Art Desk. I bought this […]


Taking the Mini to the Max

If your childhood looked anything like mine, Kelly Kapowski was your style icon and Zach Morris, well, sigh, we’re only human. I don’t usually take my adult fashion cues from 80’s tween idols, but after I put this ensemble together I felt like doing a cheer for Bayside. This outfit is the perfect example of […]

Summer-Living-White-Dress-2 (1)

That Summer Dress

Shop the look: Diane von Furstenberg dress // Jimmy Choo Abel pumps // Mulberry handbag // Target belt // Chanel sunglasses I used to have a ban on wearing dresses. I was a pants girl. I was pulling an Ellen Degeneres before it was cool. Whether I was going to a wedding, cocktail party, or […]